Todd Schlemmer

Ah…Todd Schlemmer, the Schlem…an evil genius who you may know for his magnificent 3D printed camera designs (and really they are magnificent). What may be less well know is that the Schlem is also a damn fine pinhole photographer. He tends to hide that light under a bushel but no more…here is a profile of Todd, accompanied by some wonderful images.


Nigel Breadman

Another Pinholista profile, this time of Nigel Breadman. Come inside to see pinhole photographs of the Kent coast, including origami pinhole!!!

Scott's Bay

Chris Hight

Another Pinholista interview, this time with Chris Hight from Wales. Expect mountains, coast and a ton of atmosphere…so what are you waiting for, dive in!


Balint Pfliegel

Here’s another featured Pinholista for you to enjoy, in this case Balint Pfliegel. Balint was kind enough to allow me to chose the images for this post, which I hope you enjoy.

Nr 8 The Great Carrying Place

Johanna Moore

After yet another hiatus, down mainly to my laziness, I’m delighted to feature another Pinholista, Johanna Moore from Maine, USA. One of the things I enjoy most about this profile is the way Johanna describes how she went about her Kennebec River project. I hope you enjoy this post as much as I do (there are some great solargraphs, and a wonderful still life).