Markus Kaesler

This man is a genius, that’s really all you need to know. To be fair I should acknowledge that I count Markus as a friend since we met at the Obscura Book vernissage in Berlin. Since then we’ve met in Amsterdam and Vitoria-Gasteiz and I’ve been privileged to seem him work. This Pinholista profile gives you a brief insight into his work, for more check out his website which is linked within.


Monika D.

Another week, another featured Pinholista. This time I am delighted to introduce Monika D. from Seattle. I’m not sure what it is about the Pacific Northwest that produces so many great photographers, there must be something in the water. Regardless, read on and enjoy Monika’s interview and images.


Supersense 66/6 Pinhole Camera – First Shots

I tried to resist this camera for a long time, for a number of reasons. Eventually though, after boosting my coffers through selling some other cameras, I succumbed. Here are my first shots, and my first impressions of the Supersense 66/6 pinhole camera.


Omar Martha

This time I am more than pleased to introduce you to the very wonderful Omar Martha, our first Caribbean Pinholista. Omar hails from Curacao, read on to see more of his work and to meet Omar.


Csaba Kovacs

After a long period without, a drought you might say, I’m delighted to introduce the latest Pinholista to be featured on this little site. Please welcome Csaba Kovacs, from Hungary. There is one particular image of Csaba’s that I have been in love with for sometime, read on and all will be revealed.