Viddy 1

Viddy – Build and First Shots

One of a slew of crowd-funded pinhole cameras, Viddy is a cardboard camera that comes flat-packed that, with a few caveats, could be a great gift for a photographer. Here is my experience building the Viddy and shooting my first roll of film.

Shimmering Grains - Swap 1

A pinhole filmswap with Shimmering Grains

There are some photographers who constantly amaze me with their work, and Marie Westerbom is one of those. I was privileged to do a filmswap with Marie, and the results are pretty interesting…at least I think so.



Megalithic monuments make for great pinhole photographs, at least in my humble opinion. I love these places and I love the opportunity to take in the atmosphere whilst making photographs, hopefully that atmosphere comes across in these shots.