Csaba Kovacs

After a long period without, a drought you might say, I’m delighted to introduce the latest Pinholista to be featured on this little site. Please welcome Csaba Kovacs, from Hungary. There is one particular image of Csaba’s that I have been in love with for sometime, read on and all will be revealed.

Viddy 1

Viddy – Build and First Shots

One of a slew of crowd-funded pinhole cameras, Viddy is a cardboard camera that comes flat-packed that, with a few caveats, could be a great gift for a photographer. Here is my experience building the Viddy and shooting my first roll of film.

Shimmering Grains - Swap 1

A pinhole filmswap with Shimmering Grains

There are some photographers who constantly amaze me with their work, and Marie Westerbom is one of those. I was privileged to do a filmswap with Marie, and the results are pretty interesting…at least I think so.