Pinhole Portraits – not as simple as you’d think

For a long time I have been fascinated by portraiture in photography. This fascination mainly derives from my own limitations; I’m not good at asking people to allow me to make a picture of them, and I’m sure I’m not good at setting my subjects at ease (which probably stems from my own concerns). Nonetheless I’ve challenged myself to take more pinhole portraits, and here are some results.

J. M. Golding

After a bit of a hiatus, mostly done to my laziness, we finally have another featured Pinholista. I have to say that I’m really delighted to be able to feature J. M. Golding, also know on various parts of the internet as Falling Through the Lens. I’ve been privileged to do a film swap with this very talented photographer, and now you get to see some amazing work unsullied by my rather amateurish hand.


Chasing Waterfalls

Being from Norfolk there is an argument that I should have stuck to the rivers and lakes that I’m used to…but I didn’t. As my long suffering love knows I love a good waterfall, it could be almost the perfect pinhole subject, and here’s why.


WPPD 2014 – The Aftermath

Well…it actually happened, I travelled to Amsterdam and met a bunch of people that I have only ever been in touch with on the internet. Fortunately this is not a story of financial ruin and exploitation…this is a story of just how awesome WPPD can be. To find out more read on, and maybe (just maybe) get inspired for WPPD 2015.

Zero Escape

Still wondering what to do on WPPD?

If you’re still wondering what to do on Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day (WPPD) then look no further. As well as giving a final plug to our AMS photowalk there’s a couple of other events I’d like to draw your attention to. Read on Pinholista – its just a month away now!