Redscale at Latitude

A quick and dirty post today about what, I think, was basically a bit of a failed experiment. As well as loving pinhole photography I also love music, and I was really fortunate that the might Kraftwerk played at a festival about 30 miles away from where I live. So, I headed off for a day of sun and music…and of course took a pinhole camera.

WPPD in Amsterdam

There has been some chat on various social networks about potentially spending WPPD in Amsterdam in 2014. If you need to know more about WPPD then check here, in 2014 it falls on 27 April 2014.

Square Peg Pinhole

I’m delighted to welcome the first featured Pinholista to this site, the remarkable (and hairy) Square Peg Pinhole. If you would like to be featured then please get in touch!

Call for Submissions

I don’t wish to sound needy or anything, but I need your help. I want to showcase not only my photography but also photography from Pinholistas around the world. I also really want to provide city guides for the travelling Pinholista. To do this, I need you!