C.B. Adams

Welcome to another featured Pinholista, and this week it is C.B. Adams. C.B. is another Pinholista who contacted me shortly after I launched this site and who’s work I was not previously familiar with. I’m loving the fact that this is happening and I hope more of you will do the same…you know where the form is. I hope you enjoy C.B.’s work, I think its great and its a privilege to share it with you.

Jeff McConnell

OK, so I completely forgot to write an introduction when I first posted this. I’d love to provide an excuse but it is clearly creeping decrepitude…anyway, I’m proud to introduce Jeff McConnell, of NJ, USA, as this week’s featured Pinholista. I must admit when I saw Jeff’s street shots I cursed a little as this is something I’ve tried a number of times with limited success. I really like the theme of movement that flows through each of Jeff’s images. I hope you enjoy them too.

There are no ends

Whilst it seems like yesterday, it was in the middle of 2012 that I first mooted the idea of “The Amazing Travelling Film Swap.” It was a good idea, at least I think it was a good idea, and people joined. Disaster, however, has struck…the camera is missing and now (I fear) is presumed dead (meaning the image above is close to unique). But don’t worry…

Solargraphy workshop in Spain

Today’s post is about one of the more (to my mind) interesting aspects of pinhole photography…solargraphy. Solargraph exposures are measured in days, months or even years, and are designed to show the path of the sun. I shall post some of my own solargraphs in the future, but for those of you who want to know more immediately, there is a solution…and here it is.