I did a bad thing!

As a result of a discussion on the most recent pinhole podcast I have to confess that I did a bad thing. You might be wondering what the heck I have done…read on Pinholista. A link to the pinhole podcast can be found within.


I guess I’ll give an advance warning that this is a bit of a reflective post. I’ve been thinking a lot about how my photography has transformed over the last year, and I thought I should probably put some of that down in writing. This will probably ramble a little but here goes.

Denmark Part 2 – Bornholm

When I wrote my first Denmark post back in October I really didn’t imagine it would take so long to share some more photographs of my trip. Since then I’ve recorded my first podcast, had my first photographs on show in a gallery and become a published photographer. Oh well, back to reality!

Obscura Book Vernissage

A vernissage, or a preview for the less cultured (like me, I had to look it up), can be a joy. This was the greatest! I travelled to Berlin for the Obscura Book vernissage and this is my report.

For those who are unaware, Obscura Book is a crowd funded community book of 121 pinhole photographs. Apologies that there are no pinhole shots in this post, except those on the walls of course!