Miru Cameras 35mm – First Impressions

Its with great pleasure that I present my first impressions of the Miru cameras 35mm pinhole camera, although I should apologise for the shoddy scans. I was lucky enough to be sent this camera to test by David, the mind behind Miru, and here are my first results.

Viddy – Build and First Shots

One of a slew of crowd-funded pinhole cameras, Viddy is a cardboard camera that comes flat-packed that, with a few caveats, could be a great gift for a photographer. Here is my experience building the Viddy and shooting my first roll of film.

Reality is so subtle

I got myself a RealitySoSubtle 5×4 (or 4×5 for those of a trans-atlantic persuasion) camera, and these are my first impressions.

Further Ondu Experience

After my initial experience with the Ondu 35mm pano pinhole camera led to me mistakenly shooting standard 35mm format I wanted to do what the camera was designed for…panoramas.

Ondu and Lumu – first thoughts

I have been delighted during December to receive gifts that I bought for myself, through Kickstarter, the Ondu 135 panoramic pinhole camera, and the Lumu smartphone lightmeter. Here are my first thoughts are using both to shoot a roll of film whilst walking through Norwich.