Miru Cameras 35mm – First Impressions

Its with great pleasure that I present my first impressions of the Miru cameras 35mm pinhole camera, although I should apologise for the shoddy scans. I was lucky enough to be sent this camera to test by David, the mind behind Miru, and here are my first results.

A place abandoned

Sometimes you have to venture to places that others have left behind. The memories of the people that once lived and worked there still exist in the rusting metal, the broken down buildings and the whispering of the wind in the trees. This is one such place, a place abandoned.

Slightly Slower Brittany

As I promised in my last post, I am going to try and post more regularly so in that spirit, and hot off the crepe pan, here is my second set of photos from our holiday in Brittany. There’s sun, sea and stones…what more could you want from slightly slower Brittany?

Instant Brittany

In which your fearless Pinholista makes photographs and actually posts the results. This has become a bit of a rarity as work has got in the way of most of my plans for the last year or so. I’m determined to change that, so here are the first photographs made during my recent trip to Brittany. As the post title suggests, these are instant pinholes made with my Supersense 66/6.

We’ll always have Toledo – Part 2

Yes, the moment you have been waiting for (it’s OK, I’m not that delusional) – the second post from my trip to the Pacific Northwest for WPPD 2015. There are photos and stuff, you might like them so why not take a look.