Balint Pfliegel

Here’s another featured Pinholista for you to enjoy, in this case Balint Pfliegel. Balint was kind enough to allow me to chose the images for this post, which I hope you enjoy.

Johanna Moore

After yet another hiatus, down mainly to my laziness, I’m delighted to feature another Pinholista, Johanna Moore from Maine, USA. One of the things I enjoy most about this profile is the way Johanna describes how she went about her Kennebec River project. I hope you enjoy this post as much as I do (there are some great solargraphs, and a wonderful still life).

Diane Martin Peterson

I was privileged to meet Diane during my brief trip to the Pacific Northwest for WPPD 2015. Not only is Diane a wonderful photographer, showing great creativity and talent with her homemade cameras…she’s also super nice. She make her images on paper, which adds a wonderful dimension to the results. Read on and enjoy…

Timos Lytras

Here we have another Pinholista for you all to enjoy, this time I’m delighted to introduce Timos Lytras from Athens. Timos shoots digital pinhole, and I hope you’ll enjoy his images as much as I do.

Márcio Faustino

After yet another hiatus, involving too much work, WPPD in Portland (more to come on that), more vacation…and some beer, I bring you another Pinholista. This time we have Márcio Faustino, from Hamburg via Freiburg via Dublin and Sao Paulo. I really like Marcio’s work that he’s decided to show, which benefits from using larger negatives and has some classic styles. Mario’s thought process is really interesting as well. Read on friends, and enjoy.