Pinhole Portraits – not as simple as you’d think

For a long time I have been fascinated by portraiture in photography. This fascination mainly derives from my own limitations; I’m not good at asking people to allow me to make a picture of them, and I’m sure I’m not good at setting my subjects at ease (which probably stems from my own concerns). Nonetheless I’ve challenged myself to take more pinhole portraits, and here are some results.

Chasing Waterfalls

Being from Norfolk there is an argument that I should have stuck to the rivers and lakes that I’m used to…but I didn’t. As my long suffering love knows I love a good waterfall, it could be almost the perfect pinhole subject, and here’s why.

I did a bad thing!

As a result of a discussion on the most recent pinhole podcast I have to confess that I did a bad thing. You might be wondering what the heck I have done…read on Pinholista. A link to the pinhole podcast can be found within.

2013 Solargraphs

Finally, the results of my 2013 solargraphs are in, and I’m pretty happy with them. Before I present the shots though, here’s another quick plug for the great pinhole shirt from Lucia Joglar…you know you want one! The exposures were started at the end of February 2013, and collected at the end of December, approximately a 10 month exposure.

Solargraphy workshop in Spain

Today’s post is about one of the more (to my mind) interesting aspects of pinhole photography…solargraphy. Solargraph exposures are measured in days, months or even years, and are designed to show the path of the sun. I shall post some of my own solargraphs in the future, but for those of you who want to know more immediately, there is a solution…and here it is.