WPPD 2014 – The Aftermath

Well…it actually happened, I travelled to Amsterdam and met a bunch of people that I have only ever been in touch with on the internet. Fortunately this is not a story of financial ruin and exploitation…this is a story of just how awesome WPPD can be. To find out more read on, and maybe (just maybe) get inspired for WPPD 2015.

Still wondering what to do on WPPD?

If you’re still wondering what to do on Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day (WPPD) then look no further. As well as giving a final plug to our AMS photowalk there’s a couple of other events I’d like to draw your attention to. Read on Pinholista – its just a month away now!

Berlin – new city, new experiences

I took a short trip to Berlin to the opening of the Obscura Book show in Berlin. Of course, no trip to a new city would worthwhile without some time to shoot some pinhole. As well as that wonderful experience I also did something new (at least to me). I interviewed some of the Pinholistas that I met for the Pinhole Podcast. Here’s a little summary of my experience.

Of Competitions and Cameras

In today’s time-sensitive approach I shall talk of three competitions and give a plug to a camera being auctioned for charity. Perhaps now is the time for your to get your best photos ready and submit to a little GAS.